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Session 06 – The Bigger Picture 

What’s in the box?



Welcome/Croeso to week 06 of the Feel Good Box sessions. Loved all the images last week – thank you for sending them in. 


This week we are going to look at Watercolours and illustration.

*Be good to have:

2 x small jars of water - Any brushes you have

Any mixing palates you have or plain white saucers/plates


The watercolours:

I love working in watercolours - the colour and fluid nature of the medium is so fun to work with. 

Watercolours do need a nice heavy paper to absorb the water content without crinkling up. They also have a life of their own and it does take a little while to know how to guide these paints around a canvas.



This is ongoing and being built as we progress – PLEASE do send in your weekly creations so I can post them in the gallery and also any inspirational  - creative – links to You Tube vids etc that have inspired you in any way and we can put them into the Feel Good TV.


1 - - 2 – Bill - 3 – FEEL GOOD BOX - 4 – Password =FGB2020



This week’s challenge is to take all that we have learnt and using the watercolours to produce an illustration for a cover.


Last week we used the islanders as a starting point for a journey of abstraction – this week we are looking to the islanders for our brief for an illustration of the text. 

You have been commissioned to create an image for use on either a book cover or music album cover – I would like you to pick an artist or a book that you are not familiar with. The book cover will need to be portrait and the album cover a square.

Do not worry about any lettering on the artwork unless you feel brave enough to have a bash…but what we are looking for is a beautiful illustration that will engage a prospective listener/reader to pick up the book/CD.


Obviously, there is already an image/artwork for this product but imagine that this is a rerelease, or second print and the client is looking for a different approach.


Good luck.


Session 06 - Bill Cam
Watercolour basics
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