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We believe that the power of art interacting with folk from all walks of life can be fully transformative. This has been proven time and time again through the many initiatives we have been involved in both here in the UK and internationally.


Our social engagement practice has developed and grown as we have listened and learned from all those we have worked with both delivering and receiving the creative interaction.


The most powerful aspect of our engagement is the understanding of a 'restorative approach' on every level of contact.


Restorative approach is used most commonly in the context of 'restorative justice' as a way of interacting and resolving criminal activity without a punitive stance. This has the resulting effect of all involved having an opportunity to be heard and understood and for a solution to be created and formulated though dialogue by those who have been the victims and the offenders as well as those who been affected on the periphery.


By bringing a restorative approach into our creative engagements we are able to offer a fully immersive creative experience to everyone involved while the borders between those delivering and those receiving become softer and less important as our collaborative process becomes more of a common exploration and skill sharing exercise beneficial and empowering to all.


Creative Social Engagement.

Rachel and Bill have worked both as a creative team and as individual practitioners over the years and are able to offer a wide range of bespoke creative engagements for any community, corporate or group experience.


Creative arts practical workshops/production in:

  • Creative Arts: Sculpture - Fine Art - Film - Music - Storytelling - Creative Text  

  • Music videos 

  • Interview techniques 

  • Oral history gathering 

  • Digital story telling  

  • Portraiture 

  • Creative writing 

  • Song writing 

Please get in touch to discuss you creative ideas for your business, group, community or school.

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