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Session 05 – Abstract 

What’s in the box?

Coloured Chalk pastels


Welcome/Croeso to week 05 of the Feel Good Box sessions. Loved all the images last week – thank you for sending them in. I will keep returning to the subject of sketch books as the course continues as lots to be said…today it will serve as a manual fort mark making and finding a muse.


This week we are going to look at Abstraction





the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.

"topics will vary in degrees of abstraction"


freedom from representational qualities in art.

"geometric abstraction has been a mainstay in her work"


The pastels:

I love working in pastels as it means getting messy…finger smudging in colour this time! 

Pastels need a nice coarse paper to gather the material from the stick and to allow a working process.

We have a selection of soft coloured pastels to work with – these sticks are very popular medium for artist to explore ideas as they are so quick and expressive…spend plenty of time just mark making and exploring their potential – snap them into smaller pieces – create fine lines – wide textured areas… 



This is ongoing and being built as we progress – PLEASE do send in your weekly creations so I can post them in the gallery and also any inspirational  - creative – links to you tubes etc that have inspired you in any way and we can put them into the Feel Good TV.


1 - - 2 – Bill - 3 – FEEL GOOD BOX - 4 – Password =FGB2020


Islanders – a sharing of muse:

The reason I was keen for you to have the islanders all up and shared is that I would like you to use someone else’s list as a place to find a muse for an abstract piece. 

It can be any of the categories – you could listen to someone’s music choice and simply draw as you listen.

You can watch one of the films and be inspired by the story or a character or an emotion etc.

You could find quotes from the books and even read the whole thing and again find inspiration.

You could simply look at another piece of art and let it propel you on a journey of your own.


The key points are:

We are not looking for any representational imagery.

We are looking for a process of design and energy.

We are looking for dynamics of line and form.

We are looking for contrast and composition.

We are looking for you to approach this piece in a new way that allows you to create a piece of art you could never conceive possible before – a real leap of faith into allowing your instincts and emotions to guide you.


Look back on all that we have explored together so far:

  • Mark making

  • Alternative line drawing

  • Shading – light - dark

  • Composition - rule of thirds

  • Creative text 

  • Collage of found objects

  • Isolation small areas of an object to study its dynamics and negative space.


You may go through all your sketch pads and materials as you explore ideas - shapes – colours etc – feel free to work on other surfaces – newsprint – cardboard etc…the process is the key here!


Remember the creative habits of mind and reflect a little on how you have been activating those 5 areas in your creative practice…


Look forward to seeing your end results please do send them in by Thursday so that I can upload them to the gallery.


Take care 



Session 05

Bill Cam

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