Bill & Rachel Taylor-Beales AKA

Sir Silence & Lady Hush


Sir Silence & Lady Hush

It's Time She Said - Mike Davies

Drawing on shared and individual influences, David Bowie and Tom Waits included, Bill on vocals and Rachel providing back-ups as well as sax, it ranges across musical textures, embracing baroque folk, blues, jazz and narcotic rock shapes,...An album that requires you to sit down and let it soak in, it repays the time you spend.


The 90's Epi years


The 80's Epi years


The Epi today


Bill Taylor-Beales AKA Sir Silence.

As a socially engaged artist and professional creative practitioner, I have used both music and portraiture as key art forms to interact with folks from all walks of life. From prisons to hospices, I have drawn portraits and written songs of many diverse people, who are all so much more than the confines of their circumstances and need to find a way to voice who they are and tell something of their story.


Living On Concrete.

One of these stories is a song called Living On Concrete. It was inspired by phrases from conversations I’d had with residents of a hospice whilst I was working there as a volunteer artist. Writing this song and recalling the power of visual art within the hospice setting, paved the way for Picture Me…


Picture Me…on a good day!

This is a partnership between my portrait company Hushland Portraits and Tŷ Hafan hospice for children. I have seen the profound effect that interactive art can have in a palliative care environment, releasing imagination, ambition and a deep sense of self worth, which feed into the wellbeing of the individual. This can also have a positive impact on medical processes, catalysing their effectiveness. My portraiture is an empowering, creative exchange involving family, friends and staff as a collaborative experience.


Be part of the art!

Proceeds from It’s Time She Said and all Sir Silence back catalogue will contribute to funding this initiative. This will mean that I can offer these families the opportunity to have a unique hand drawn portrait of their child completely free of charge.


So…please go download the album, support this important art initiative and then head over to Hushland Portraits to find out more about the project.


Available for digital download and CD albums from 14-03-2019

All sales from all of Sir Silence's back catalogue will now be going to the Picture Me on the link below to explore and purchase.


Thank you for listening.


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It’s Time She Said.

This is an album of many memories caught within the strings of my old Epiphone guitar that I bought over 35 years ago. I have recently found within the fret board, lost songs and lyrical fragments of verse that had been waiting many years for their day… and now that day has come! It’s Time She Said, is an album of ten songs bookmarking musical and emotional journeys spanning the last three decades. It is also helping to fund Picture Me…on a good day, a community art initiative that offers my services as a portrait artist within the Tŷ Hafan hospice.