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Cultural Cwtsh - Bill Taylor-Beales

Picture Me On A Good Day

Croeso and welcome to the support page for the Picture Me On A Good Day videos for the  Cultural Cwtsh project.


Below is some further information to help you with exploring the ideas in the project an hopefully to inspire you to keep picking up that Sketch book instead of that smart phone...please do send in any pics you would like to put in the gallery - these can be completely anonymous if you like :-)

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One - Materials - envelopes to canvas

The key thing here is that you can add to your art kit over time as you explore how you work and what appeals to you. All the materials in the video are around £2 to £3 each and are easy to carry around with you. As you engage more with the process of making art you can investigate further into more expensive materials and how to use them. The ones I have listed provide a wonderful basic kit that will allow you to explore a wide variety of techniques and styles.

Two - The smart sketch book - take it with you everywhere

One of the hardest things to do is break old habits - the aim of making these sketch books is to keep them small and easily accessible and not to be too precious with them. They are there to be your emotional / visual sponges to absorb the world around you - whether this is through mark making - sketching - collage - writing etc the choice is yours - but the more you can make that choice to grab the sketch book instead of the smart phone the more you will be able to become lost in another world - to disengage and find some genuine mindfulness. These little sketch books used often really do help to destress and help to create new imaginative ways of being and seeing.

Three - The Fragile line - a creative warm up

This is an exercise that I do frequently to stop me getting into a creative rut. It really helps to get rid of some frustrations and also to allow my mind to take a bit of time out and just play. I mention play a lot in the videos as it is vital to be able to re-learn how to do this as this is key to your creative journey and exploration of what art can be and do for you. - Once you have flattened out the paper from its scrunching it really is up to you what you do with all those wonderful lines and creases - I would love to see any inspiring art from these.

Four - Mark making and shading - emotional mapping

An essential part of any creative journey is to find out what is possible with the materials you are using. You Tube is full of wonderful instructional videos of how use oil paints etc and I often look at these for ideas and foundational mechanics of a medium - but do not let this be the end of your exploration. The greatest painters in history are those that pushed their medium into new areas - there is no wrong or right - explore and play!

Five - The face - photo and sketch

I have just put the tiniest of tutorials here - if the portrait is something you are interested in I have put another film in the section video section which is a masterclass I made for Arts Council Wales on the portrait using pencil. This is an area I particularly love and spend a great deal of time expiring and never ever getting bored as each new face opens up a new world of possible ways to express it through visual art.

Six - The memory - preparing our picture

Finally bringing all the elements together to create a piece of stand-alone artwork. the small sketch books are ideal to fill with explorations and ideas as you journey towards an outcome. I hope that you can build up a collection of those little books and I encourage you to keep on popping back and looking at them as they will be evolving all the time and you will keep on discovering new things in them. I tend to paint on timber as I like to use oil paints, and this allows for lots of scraping and readjustment. I hope you can put aside some time and budget to try out some canvas on an easel maybe and see how hours and even days disappear as you get lost in the relationship between you and the artwork.

Please do send in your artwork....