We engage with the 5 creative habits of mind


Let's Animate It!:

Animation for Key stage 01-04

DCF: Frame - Green Screen  - iMovie

Using three simple apps we explore the basic principles of animation. Creating small production teams we create scripts and storylines using relevant topics and themes from all areas of the curriculum. We create animated films making use of green screen techniques and adding spoken and background audio. We then export the films to a designated web platform.Book in for a taster day or a week of animation sessions for the whole school.

Hushland Creative @ School

Let's Animate It - Film It - Sing It - Make It!

Bill Taylor-Beales

Creative Practitioner

Over 13 successfully completed ACW Lead Creative Schools projects

Fully online options or school visits.

Film - Music - Art - Sculpture - Text - Story 

Lets Film it!:

Video for Key Stage 02-04

DCF:  iMovie - 8mm - Camera - GreenScreen


Using any topic or following on from the Let's Sing It! and using the music track we will create small video production crews who will learn the basics of video making. We can then make either a Music video, Documentary or Feature film depending on the schools needs and timeframe. This is a very exciting and dynamic program that can be tailored to so many curricula opportunities. 

Lets sing it!:

Music for Key Stage 01-04

DCF: GarageBand - Editing - Recording 

Using any topic or theme we explore a variety of music genres and vote on the most popular choice for the subject matter. We then set about exploring the theme and generating lyric pools.We then gather around these lyric pools and as a class group we build our song together collectively  - encouraging everyone to bring and offer ideas to the song. We then record and perform our track. 

Let's Make it!:

3D Art for Key Stage 01-04

    Clay - Plaster of Paris - Paints

Using any topic as a basis for the process we will create a composite structure from multiples of plaster positives. we will choose the topic / theme and investigate what our final image will be. This is then divided up into the appropriate amount of tiles or bricks and the pupils are given a tile of their own to work on. They will be using tools to carve out the shapes and design. We will then place these into our timber frames and pour plaster of Paris into them. Finally they will all come back together to reform the original image only now in positive relief. 

Let's Face it!:

2D Art for Key Stage 01-04

    Photography - Mark Making - Art Genres

Using the head as our subject we not only explore it physically but we use our 5 senses to explore our memories and ideas. We will take photos of each other and print out the images and then using known art ratios divide up the face to create composite pupils portraits. We discuss what makes us who we are with physically and then using our senses we explore how explore the world around us. We then return to our faces to look at Cubist art and why and how it is used. We then use ratios to upgrade our images to a larger scale and paint onto timber. 

Hushland Creative has been operating in schools for over thirty years. We provide ready made creative packages and bespoke options for all key stages, abilities and curriculum needs. We have developed proven creative learning programmes that will lay foundations for the changing emphasis of the new curriculum.


Hushland Creative’s Creative Director Bill Taylor-Beales is an Arts Council of Wales  (ACW) Arts Associate and fully trained with ACW as a Creative Practitioner. Now based in Llanelli he previously ran the highly successful community arts charity People Around Here - operating out of Cardiff for ten years before merging with Action in Caerau and Ely. All of Hushland Creatives arts programmes have been developed alongside teachers, youth workers and educators in schools/youth groups across South Wales. All the artists in the Hushland Creative collective are fully trained and DBS checked.


Above are a selection of the most popular activities we offer to schools / youth groups alongside the bespoke options of designing a creative project specifically for your school/youth group needs.


We operate on a standard fee fixed for the 2019-20 program.

(These fees are in accordance with the ACW minimum pay guides).


£170 per artist per day  - Plus Travel @35p per mile (up to 100 mile round trip) - Plus materials.

2019-20 Hushland Creative @ School.

All our creative  sessions can be tailored to schools topics and themes therefore ensuring that all the new curricula needs can be woven through the creative experience.