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SAC-week 06

Session 06 – What's in the box of art supplies - Mark making - The exhibition  - The mash up  - Picture me on a good day



  • introduction  - what instrument would you be in an orchestra?

  • A look at all the great art supplies and mark making with them3

  • The exhibition and the elements  - see below for more info

  • Prep for the Mash Up - see below

  • Picture me on a good day - see separate emailed worksheet

The Exhibition:

There will be an exhibition at the college of some of the work we have been producing together - this will be around the middle of October.

Plenty of time for these - no panic!!!


1 - A case of Me:

using the card suitcase we were given on day one - please think of creative ways we can transform this 2d box into an art statement to say something about the emotional baggage - the emotional load - that we carry around with us in life.

You can transform it however you wish:

paint it - Collage it - cut into it - stick things on it - put things inside it...

The key thing is to make it represent what you feel you are carrying around with you emotionally  - Good or bad - light or heavy - whatever the emotional content  - a mixture of many emotions

think about all the skills and processes we have used so far and how you can incorporate them into this piece..

Please do get in touch with me to chat through ideas and discuss ways of using the box...

Link to artist Tim Illife

wonderful project that has some resonance with ours - Thanks mark.

The mash up - prep for week 07:

The mash up is a process I use to gather all sorts of creative input and meld it together into a free flowing digital statement/film.

Our inspiration will be - 'Here and Now'

just observing and gathering from around us this week - a view of our world through our creative lens...

The elements will be:

  1. visual art - anything we have produced so far and anything you produce in-between now and week 07

  2. Film/stills - use your phone to take footage and or stills of the world around you - whatever inspires you  - grabs your attention - 5-10 seconds will do

  3. text - using the Haiku format of 5-7-5 create a three line piece of prose - to describe your world - moment - idea etc.

  4. Audio - Use your haiku and record an audio message on your phone to send in - ideally it would be great to have you read it and record it but if not find someone who could record it for you

  5. Animation - download chatterpix and use it to photograph an object and then draw a line across it where you want a mouth to be - record your haiku or anything else you want to say and press save to camera roll and send to Rosy....

  6. Music - I will be recording some music in response to the elements in the mash up


  • A haiku is three lines of verse -

  • 1st line is 5 syllables - (the rhythm of the word)

  •  the 2nd line is 7 syllables and the 3rd line is 5 again - see below for an example - try and capture the emotion and the moment and any senses of place...

(5) - I love my sketchbook

(7) - observing what I see now

(5) - scratching lines of life

link to previous mash ups:

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