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SAC-week 02

Session 02 – The Sketch book and mark makin...



  1. Islanders - Looking at our islanders and who we might invite from our Holographic heroes to a picnic and thinking about how they might interact…

  2. Sketchbook resource - Tearing out a page from the sketchbook to use as a folder and as a walk the line exercise

  3. Walk the line – scrunching up a piece of paper into a ball and carefully unwrapping it  - smoothing it out and then following the creases in a line from one side to another

  4. Values – creating 1-5 value scales using crosshatching and then shading

  5. Pastels – mark making with pastels to explore what we can do with them

  6. Object to idea  - drawing and colouring an object but allowing ourselves to “go with the flow’ of the marks we make and to see it takes us and our images

  7. Prep for week two – self portrait – please can you have a mirror handy or a nice full face pic of you for our self portrait session – if you feel uncomfortable about staring at your face then have a pic of a friend or family member…but great if you were up for the self portrait but no pressure 

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