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Story Pack

We need you :-)

We welcome all former St Luke's congregation alongside all past and present Circus Eruption participants , volunteers and facilitators to join in this ongoing heritage project.

All we ask is for you to share your story with us in what ever way best suits you.

Below is a menu of options to choose from:


Contact Bill Taylor-Beales the Creative Practitioner facilitating this gathering and      showing of stories  and artefacts. Bill would love to chat to you and work out the best way for you to share your memories with us - this could be a phone conversation - sending in photos - videos etc. 

Please email:


Chatter pix - there is a free app called chatterpix / Chatter Kid and this is very simple to use . Simply download onto a smart device take a picture of anything connected to your story  (see below for additional Download option)- draw a mouth and record up to 30 seconds of your own story / memory / thoughts.


Alongside Chatterpix we have below two images you can download and printout to colour in  - these can then be used to make your Chatterpix mini person - please see the videos on the Circus TV page to see how they look.

It is our hope that we will eventually have a Mini version of everyone who has ever used the building or been a part of the Circus Eruption story. These will be displayed in the building within the Heritage framework instillation.

Your story is simply any memory that you wish to share that shows how the building  - the people  - Circus Eruption - former St Luke's congregation have had a positive impact in your life.

We are looking at:


finding connections with others who share journeys of life experience with you - this might be faith journeys or more tribal connections.


this building has seen so many people celebrating key moments of their life from Dedications - Christenings - Confirmations - Weddings  - Funerals


so many other groups use the building outside of the previous congregation and Circus Eruption - this is a space that can hold:

Choirs - Zumba - Cubs - Brownies - etc

The most often used word we keep getting from both Circus Eruption folk and Former St Luke's is the word FUN!

Please do get in touch and share yours.

Cheers Bill.


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Bill Taylor-Beales is our heritage project artist who is getting all arty about gathering your memories and creating installation artwork as well as digital and online resources.

This is him...

More about Bill:

Please click on the PDFs to download templates of people to make your own and then use the Chatterpix App to photograph them and make talking mini version of you :-)

These can then be emailed direct to bill to feature on our media page  - Circus TV - we will print of a version to be seen in the installtion also.

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We will be growing the site as the project rolls on and we look forward to sharing your memories here.

Please contact Bill to get your story pack and learn how to make a chat back to send in:

Circus EruptionContact:

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