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SAC-week 08

Session 07 – Round up and exhibition and Concertina Day Sketchbook



  • Today we spent some time discussing the exhibition due in October. We are looking to put on an exhibition of all the participants work focussing on these areas - don't panic though - we have till October to hand in the art.  :-)

  • MASH up  - Digital video - This is complete and will be projected within the college either on the art floor or in reception for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Picture Me on a good day - this is a painted and or mixed media canvass using the largest square canvass provided 12 x 12 inch - the creative process can be found on week 06 page and text below.

  • Music man triptych - This is the collective piece of art work we did together - using Bill as the model and swapping places to create a pastel and pencil three piece artwork - this just needs mounting for the exhibition.

  • Gallery - This will be a selection of artwork from the online gallery printed off and displayed - please continue to send in "Any" artwork to be included.

  • Smart Sketchbook - This will be the gathering of the concertina sketchbooks we made today after you have taken them out for a day and filled them in with your creative observations - any media and any format - try and do it all in a day :-) - please hand these in to Rosy when completed.

  • A case of me - This is the creation of the decoration of the plain cardboard case that we were given at the beginning of the course - Please explore ways to decorate - colour paint - insert 3 d objects etc to generate a unique piece that looks at what it is  "we carry around with us" in an emotional sense - good or bad - light or heavy - - please hand these in to Rosy when completed.

Making a Concertina sketch book

Inspiring concertina sketch book


1 - A case Of Me:

using the card suitcase we were given on day one - please think of creative ways we can transform this 2d box into an art statement to say something about the emotional baggage - the emotional load - that we carry around with us in life.

You can transform it however you wish:

paint it - Collage it - cut into it - stick things on it - put things inside it...

The key thing is to make it represent what you feel you are carrying around with you emotionally  - Good or bad - light or heavy - whatever the emotional content  - a mixture of many emotions

think about all the skills and processes we have used so far and how you can incorporate them into this piece..

Please do get in touch with me to chat through ideas and discuss ways of using the box...

Link to artist Tim Illife

wonderful project that has some resonance with ours - Thanks mark.

Sketchbook covers.jpg

Covers of the
Smart Sketch books


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