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SAC-week 07

Session 07 – The Mash Up



  • today we spent some time looking at the elements of the mash up and then gathering them and then sticking them all together in a video editing software program...

The mash up - week 07:

The mash up is a process I use to gather all sorts of creative input and meld it together into a free flowing digital statement/film.

Our inspiration will be - 'Here and Now'

just observing and gathering from around us this week - a view of our world through our creative lens...

The elements are:

  1. Film/stills - we used our phones to take footage and or stills of the world around us - whatever inspired us  - grabbed our attention - about 5-10 seconds each

  2. text - using the Haiku format of 5-7-5 we created as individuals and as a collective three line pieces of prose - to describe our world - moments - ideas etc.

  3. Audio - we Used our haikus and recorded an audio take live onto the FCP editing program  - we shared the roles of reading the text

  4. Animation - we downloaded chatterpix and used it to photograph an object and then drew a line across it where we wanted a mouth to be - recorded our haikus  and pressed save to camera roll and sent it through to Bill....

  5. Music - Bill  recorded some music in response to the elements in the mash up


  • A haiku is three lines of verse -

  • 1st line is 5 syllables - (the rhythm of the word)

  •  the 2nd line is 7 syllables and the 3rd line is 5 again - see below for an example - try and capture the emotion and the moment and any senses of place...

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