Bill & Rachel Taylor-Beales AKA

Sir Silence & Lady Hush


Sir Silence & Lady Hush

It's Time She Said - Mike Davies

Drawing on shared and individual influences, David Bowie and Tom Waits included, Bill on vocals and Rachel providing back-ups as well as sax, it ranges across musical textures, embracing baroque folk, blues, jazz and narcotic rock shapes,...An album that requires you to sit down and let it soak in, it repays the time you spend. - David Kidman

 I salute Bill and Rachel for their engaging and imaginative scoring which brings the songs alive in such a distinctive way while making timely capital out of the lyrics’ special quality of haunted melancholy. For each of the songs has an individual aura, inhabiting a different soundscape and couched in an imaginative, often playful arrangement that takes full cognisance of the story being told within. 

It’s Time She Said.

This is an album of many memories caught within the strings of my old Epiphone guitar that I bought over 35 years ago. I have recently found within the fret board, lost songs and lyrical fragments of verse that had been waiting many years for their day… and now that day has come! It’s Time She Said, is an album of ten songs bookmarking musical and emotional journeys spanning the last three decades. It is also helping to fund Picture Me…on a good day, a community art initiative that offers my services as a portrait artist within the Tŷ Hafan hospice.